The HARID Conservatory

America’s tuition-free professional training school for gifted young dancers

“This is a tough school, based on methodology and dedicated to producing professional dancers.”
— Dance Magazine

“The HARID Conservatory turns out dancers who succeed.”
— Pointe Magazine

Alex Srb photo ©

A Dancer’s Introduction to The HARID Conservatory Narrated by students of The HARID Conservatory

About the School

The HARID Conservatory, in Boca Raton, Florida, was established in 1987 to provide superior professional training for gifted young dancers. Students from across the United States and from other countries are selected for enrollment through audition.

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Students are recruited for HARID’s four-week Summer School during a series of auditions conducted each winter in various cities throughout the United States. The auditions are open to students in academic grades 8–11.

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Dance Performances

Each year, HARID presents two series of high-quality dance performances. The inclusion of classical and neoclassical ballets, modern and character dance, and cutting-edge contemporary works by leading choreographers makes each HARID program a season favorite of the theater-going public.

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