The HARID Conservatory

America’s tuition-free professional training school for gifted young dancers

In Their Own Words

“HARID combined a nurturing environment for the young dancer with a solid training curriculum and wonderful performing experiences.”

Paul Kolnik photo ©

“HARID gave me the opportunity to work with amazing teachers, learn many different styles of dance, and live among other aspiring young artists. It was an invaluable experience that prepared me well for my professional career as a dancer.”

“HARID was an exceptional experience for me. The school’s small size made me feel part of a family in the residence and I received lots of personal attention in class. The Vaganova training made me strong, both as a dancer and as a person! With my training, I’m now able to bounce between Russian classics, Balanchine, and contemporary repertoire. I’m grateful for everything I received from HARID and I recommend the school to anyone looking for a place to study.”

“For me, HARID was the crucial link between dance training and professional work. There, I was able to refine my technique and prepare myself for the journey ahead. I owe much of my career to HARID and the amazing faculty that makes it so special.”

“I spent only one year at HARID, but I learned more during that year than I could have imagined. Apart from the superb dance training, I learned what it was like to live away from my family. Being surrounded by people who shared the same goals, passion, and dedication was amazing and I made some of the closest friendships I will ever have. My experience at HARID was, and will continue to be, a positive influence in my life.”

“HARID not only does a great job producing beautiful, talented dancers, it also helps develop mature individuals who will succeed at anything life brings their way. I would not trade my experiences at HARID for any other. I made friends who will be with me the rest of my life.”

“HARID is where I grew up—not only as a dancer, but as a person as well. The school helped ease me through the most dramatic transition for a ballet dancer: when a student becomes a professional. (This is especially challenging in a big company like American Ballet Theatre.) Without HARID and the amazing people who teach and work there, I would not be where I am today.”

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“I am incredibly grateful for the time I had at HARID, and all the credit goes to the teachers and staff who make it great. I hope to continue supporting the school as best as I can!”

“The things I learned at HARID are an important part of the dancer I am today. I would never have been accepted into the John Cranko Schule if it wasn’t for my training at HARID. (Plus, I would not have had such a great opportunity to learn English!)”

“HARID became my home away from home. It was there that I discovered the direction for my life. It helped me become the me I wanted to be as a professional dancer—and as a person. During my four years at HARID, I enjoyed many opportunities to perform different ballets and modern dances. It was definitely a huge step forward in starting my career. And, in many ways, living at HARID helped me become independent, which was important when I moved to Europe. I am so thankful to have graduated from HARID. The school helped me get where I am today.”

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“My four years at HARID gave me my career. I am incredibly lucky to have received the opportunity to attend… and that the school took a chance on a thirteen-year-old boy from New Zealand! I honestly wouldn’t have made it without my HARID training, and I’d do it all again in a heartbeat.”

“The HARID Conservatory played the most crucial part in my development as a dancer. My experience there was very positive and the Vaganova training I received has allowed me to progress to the best of my ability. HARID’s faculty and staff are the best; they treat you like family. Not only is HARID passionate about developing great dancers, it accepts the responsibility of educating students about their career and their health. I owe my entire success to The HARID Conservatory.”

“The education and training I received at The HARID Conservatory were very thorough and covered all the important aspects and skills required to be a professional dancer. At Hong Kong Ballet, we perform a range of works, from traditional classics like Swan Lake to modern pieces like The Great Gatsby and abstract, contemporary pieces like The Rite of Spring. I’ve loved being able use what I learned to grow and continually challenge myself. I feel so fortunate to have been given the opportunity to study at HARID, and will be forever grateful for my time there!”

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“HARID really did prepare me for the job I’m now doing. I often think how lucky I was to receive Russian training at HARID, since I’m now working in a Russian-based, classical-ballet company in Estonia. Due to the small classes, my teachers were able to focus on every aspect of my technique, which helped me a lot. Equally important was the performance experience I gained at HARID. That was crucial in helping me develop my confidence on stage.

Everyone who works at The HARID Conservatory contributes to creating what feels like and functions as a family away from home. Still today, I think of everyone at HARID as my family.”

“I enrolled at HARID as a young international student. The skills and work habits I developed at the school will remain with me throughout my dance career and whichever profession I choose to pursue in the future. In addition, HARID’s strict regimen and high expectations prepared me to face the dance world’s many adversities.

I am forever grateful for the unconditional love and support I received from HARID’s faculty and staff, and I cherish my many lasting friendships with former classmates.”

“HARID truly solidified the base of my ballet technique. The passionate and encouraging guidance provided by my teachers and mentors allowed me to thrive in an environment that breathes ballet. Living on a campus that offered both freedom and security helped me mature and transition into adult life quite seamlessly. Also, at HARID, I forged a number of close, meaningful friendships that will last a lifetime. For that, I will always be grateful.”

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“I could not be more grateful for my experience at HARID. Over the course of four years I improved my technique tremendously, was exposed to repertoire in a variety of styles, was mentored by world-class faculty members, and made friendships that will last a lifetime. I would not be where I am today without the work ethic and discipline HARID instilled in me. My time there shaped who I am today, not only a dancer but as a person.”