The HARID Conservatory

America’s tuition-free professional training school for gifted young dancers

Dance & Academic Facilities

Thomas M. Chastain Dance Studio
Thomas M. Chastain Dance Studio

The HARID Conservatory’s serene, five-acre campus includes an administration building, spacious dance and educational facilities, and a student residence. HARID’s architectural design and landscaping have been recognized for their originality and beauty.

The West Building contains three dance studios. Studios A and B are each 1,600 square feet in size, and Studio C is 3,200 square feet in size. The studios have 22-foot-high ceilings, windows for natural light, sprung floors, wall-to-wall mirror, oak barre, pianos, and audio-visual equipment.

The West Building also contains dressing rooms—complete with lockers, showers, and restrooms—sufficient for forty female and twenty male students.

Learning Center
Learning Center

HARID’s fourth studio, the beautiful, 2,000-square-foot Thomas M. Chastain Dance Studio, is located in the East Building. A Harlequin flooring system, grand piano, audio-visual system (complete with a 70” LED television), and acoustical wall treatments make this a favorite practice space.

HARID’s virtual Learning Center is located in the East Building. It is furnished with laptop desks and adjustable chairs configured to allow students to work individually or in small groups. High-speed internet service is available throughout the Learning Center. Printers-scanners-copiers are also provided.

The East Building also contains several traditional classrooms and a piano lab.

HARID’s media center, located in the West Building, contains a significant collection of books and periodicals, music and dance recordings; and computers and audio-visual equipment.